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Tumhari Pakhi 1st September 2014 Written Update

Tumhari Pakhi 1st September 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Pakhi telling everyone that she is ready for marriage. Everyone is happy and relieved. Anuja is excited and says my Aryaman and Pakhi will marry now, and kisses Pakhi’s forehead thanking her. She says I used to cry seeing you alone, you listened me today and asks Maha ji to distribute sweets, as her Aryaman will come back home. Bhaisa blesses Pakhi and says Pakhi took right decision. Veer says let Aryaman come home first, its long procedure. Anuja asks him to get Aryaman back. She says get the pandit also, get a mahurat, the marriage will happen grand. Lavanya says yes and says I will get designer lahenga for Pakhi, she will look a fairy and I got a sherwani for Aryaman. Pakhi leaves.

Pakhi comes in her room and cries. Girish comes to her and says everyone is very happy, except you, are you happy? He says no one asked are you happy, but I want to know are you happy. He says forced decision can never be right and fulfilled all life. He says you have your long life ahead. Pakhi says Ayaan is Anshuman’s son and my life is given to Anshuman, my happiness is to see Ayaan’s happiness, and so I agreed to give Anshuman’s place to someone else, but no one can take Anshuman’s place in my heart. Girish says Anshuman was good businessman, he got the right mum for his son, be happy Pakhi.

Veer sees Ayaan going to his room with Anshuman’s belongings. Ayaan looks at Anshuman’s pic and says sorry dad for keeping your items in store room to convince mum. He says when you went to office, Maa used to see this and smile, and now she sees this and cries. I promised you I won’t let Maa cry, Dadi explained me Maa is sad as she does not have life partner, everyone needs one, and Dadi told Aryaman will be best for Maa. Veer hears all this. Ayaan says Maa agreed and she will be happy again, and you can be happy seeing her.

He says my room is small, but its enough for both of us. I love you dad. Veer says Ayaan, your mum agreed, are you happy. Ayaan asks will she get happy. Veer says she agreed only for you, as you need a dad. Anuja comes and is happy. She says Aryaman is coming tomorrow, sleep now. She asks Ayaan to sleep. Veer talks to her. Anuja says I will come to take Aryaman. He says he will bring him, you can see the papers. She says this is happening because of you. He says its all luck, I m glad that Ayaan will get mum and dad’s love, I think the job is done.

Anuja gets a call and sends Veer to get papers. She gets to talk to Aryaman. She says Pakhi is reeady to marry you, Veer will bring you home now, I know you don’t like her, but she is a diamond and very nice girl. She is shocked seeing Veer. He asks whom are you talking to now. She says Lavanya’s call and lies to her. Veer says many lives are going to change in this house tomorrow. Riya keeps a letter for Girish. She wants Girish to see that letter and makes efforts. He reads the shayari and thinks its Lavanya. He smiles and leaves. Riya says yes yes. She says his smile was so lovely, wow.

Its morning, Veer comes to Anuja and says magistrate gave me 5pm time, Pakhi will have to sign on papers to take the case back. She says yes, bring Aryaman and make him groom. She says pandit gave me 5pm time, and I will make Pakhi ready here as bride. She says then I will do your marriage next. He asks why, am I not looking happy. He leaves. She smiles and says there is so much work, where is Girush and Lavanya. Girish gets another note on the car window and likes the shayari. He says Lavanya’s love shows life went back many years. Lavanya comes and Riya hides.

Girish does shayari for Lavanya. He holds her hand and says it will be good for third child. She asks what. He says you are getting romantic. She says you are mad, lets go fast. Pakhi prays. Veer comes and asks her to sign the affidavit to take the case back. He sees Shri Nath ji’s idol and says pray anything with clean heart and you will get it. He praises her for being so sacrificing, and says Aryaman is a very lucky man. Pakhi signs on the papers and gives the file back to him.

Veer says I know I did wrong and right things to convince you for marriage, really sorry, its not bad to make myself bad to get some good results. Anuja comes and takes them. She asks Pakhi to have mahendi. Pakhi says not needed. Anuja asks Veer to stand near Pakhi so that he also gets married soon. Anuja says she has many dreams to fulfill. Everyone apply haldi to Pakhi. She thinks about Anshuman’s words to keep Ayaan always happy. She thinks she is Pakhi and she will fulfill all her promises, she will live only for Ayaan.

Veer says he will make marriage good and asks Sukhi to welcome Aryaman. Pakhi gets ready and Ayaan happily hugs her.

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Tumhari Pakhi 29th August 2014 Written Update

Tumhari Pakhi 29th August 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Veer confronting Ayaan why did he lie and challenged the boy and his dad to trouble Pakhi. Ayaan says yes, to make her realize that I need a dad. Veer scolds him saying they were not good people, its good I came here, else that man would have hurt your mum, you are mistaken your mum will agree in pressure. He says she will agree when she realizes this herself. He says every thing has two ways, right and wrong, and Ayaan did wrong. Anuja comes and asks what happened. Veer says he made big mistake and leaves. Anuja talks to Ayaan. Ayaan says he is right, Maa won’t agree. Anuja says she will agree, you have to convince her.

Girish comes to meet Pakhi and says one more trophy of Ayaan, great, I m seeing you are doing his good upbringing. She says some people don’t think so and they have put it in Ayaan’s heart so well, that he is not understanding me. Girish says Maa and Veer. Pakhi says they are doing wrong in Aryaman’s love. Girish says Ayaan is smart he has accepted his dad’s death, I don’t think he is influenced by anyone. I m not talking about Aryaman, but maybe he is really missing his dad. He asks her to think once and leaves.

Its morning, Bhaisa and Bhabhisa come to meet Pakhi. She hugs them happily. She says its good surprise. Bhaisa says its six months that Anshuman is gone, and we were missing you as you were alone. Pakhi says she is glad seeing them, and she feels there is still truth is this liar world. She asks them to have food. Bhaisa says Ayaan called us here by calling us, we don’t want to lie. Ayaan called us to explain you. Pakhi says he is a kid, he is having strange request, don’t worry. Bhaisa says but he is not having wrong request, he is missing his dad. Pakhi says I would have agreed if he asked for any toy.

Bhabhisa says he needs a father, as both parents are like two eyes, by which a child sees the world. He got unwanted changes and he wants a wanted change now, please agree for marriage. Pakhi is shocked and upset. Bhaisa talks to her and says I did your upbringing like father, not brother, I feel you are so alone here, life is long, silence makes much noise that its hard to bear. He explains her that Pakhi can’t lose to any winds, atleast for Ayaan. Lavanya comes and says Aryaman said yes for Ayaan, who does not have relation like you have with Ayaan.

Lavanya asks her to think again, as they worry for her a lot, they chose Aryaman as Ayaan sees Anshuman in him. She says you promised Anshuman and trying to keep it, but we also promised him that we will keep his Pakhi always happy. Pakhi says she can’t give Anshuman’s place to anyone in her life. Bhaisa says time changes everything. When Anshuman came to take you, what he said. She thinks of his words that he needs her to manage his son, and he has lived his married life, he does not want a wife, but a mum for Ayaan.

Pakhi says he gave me place in his life, but I can’t give place to anyone. I promised Anshuman that I will live always for him. I m his Pakhi, I love Ayaan a lot and can die for him, but Anshuman’s memories are my life. She leaves crying. Ayaan hears this and leaves. Bhaisa says how to balance, one side is Ayaan and other side is Pakhi. Pakhi comes on the road and walks. Bairi jiya tumpe piya……………… plays………………… She thinks about Anshuman and her sweet moments. Bol dil se ………………….plays…………………

Ayaan brings a big carton and removes all pics of Anshuman. He says he will remove everything that reminds Maa of dad. Lavanya calls Anuja and Veer. Ayaan says MAa said she can’t make dad away from her heart, so I m doing this, then she will marry Aryaman. He puts Anshuman’s clothes, and belongings in the carton with his pics. He says sorry dad, I can’t let you be here, I love you a lot, but you have to go. He says till you are here, Maa won’t find her life partner, I will miss you dad. Ayaan asks Maha ji to keep this items in store room, with his old mum’s things, as dad went to her and will stay with her. Veer hugs Ayaan.

Pakhi sits on the bench on the road and thinks about Ayaan’s words. She comes home and sees Anshuman’s pics gone. She is shocked. She checks drawer and cupboard and says who dared to touch Anshuman’s things. Ayaan says I did it. Pakhi asks why. Ayaan says I want you to forget dad. Pakhi says Ayaan……….. Ayaan says you will miss him till you see all that, so I removed everything. She asks him to get all things back. He says I won’t, as I want my happy family, I want a new dad. She says I told you no one will come in my life, I m your mum and dad. Ayaan says you can’t be both.

Everyone come and see them arguing. He says I want mum who spends time with me. She says this is not possible. Ayaan says why, dad also gave himself second chance, forgot my mum and gave you a chance. If he can do this, why can’t you forget dad and marry Chachu. Pakhi raises her hand to slap him. She stops her hand. Everyone is shocked. Ayaan runs out of the room. Everyone leave. Saiyyan……………….plays…………………..Veer comes to her and says I feel to make a temple on your name. He says you are so great, you are tangled, you don’t even realize that you are becoming Anshuman, the old one.

He says I know how was he, afterall we are cousins, he loved only one thing, his image. He says very surprising, you made him come out of it, and got caught in it. She says its my personal matter. He says your son is something to me too. He says you worked hard to bring Ayaan out of this situation, I think everything is getting back to old time, he is becoming like before, I feel his tears are genuine, decide you want to give him happiness or you can bear his tears. He leaves.

Anuja comes to Ayaan and asks him to apologize to Pakhi if he is feeling bad. She tells about Aryaman, and says he did not make any mistake, but your mum is not forgiving him. If she forgives him, he will get your dad. Ayaan asks how will Maa forgive him. Anuja says make her realize that everyone makes mistakes, if you do any mistake, she forgives you, even she can forgive Aryaman too and guve him second chance. She asks him to explain this to Pakhi. Ayaan thinks. Anuja asks what are you thinking. Ayaan says he will explain and thinks if Maa forgives Chachu, then she will get ready to marry him. He leaves.

Pakhi asks Sukhi is Ayaan in his room. Sukhi says yes, I saw him going in his room. He comes to Ayaan’s room with a big sorry card. She says I m sorry and realizes Ayaan is gone. She is shocked and says where did he go. Ayaan rides his cycle and thinks of Anuja’s words. Ayaan steals a man’s wallet seeing police there. He gets caught and acts like crying. The man leaves him saying he looks from rich home. Ayaan says he will steal again and again. The man catches him and says I will call your parents. Veer says Ayaan is not outside. Sukhi says I think he went out on cycle. Pakhi worries and cries. She calls all his friends.

Pakhi says he is not at friend’s homes. Veer and Bhaisa go to see. Anuja scolds her and says why are you crying now, you raised hand on a child without father, whats his fault, he wants a normal life, if anything happens to my Ayaan, then you see what I do, my house is breaking because of her. Pakhi gets a call from police station and comes to know Ayaan is there. She is shocked. Everyone come to the police station. The inspector says he is caught stealing. Pakhi says no, this can’t happen.

Veer says I m Veer Pratap Singh, I m her lawyer, we will do formalities. The inspector says we did not make his file, as this can ruin his life. Veer thanks him. The inspector asks Pakhi are you Anshuman Rathore’s wife. She says yes. He says kids do complex things after losing father. Veer says he will talk to him and sends Pakhi to Ayaan. Pakhi sees Ayaan and says lets go home. Ayaan says it means you have forgiven me. She says lets talk at home. He leaves her hand. He says he won’t come home and will stay here. Ayaan argues with Pakhi and says why are you forgiving me, if you can’t forgive Aryaman.

He says if you can give me second chance, why not to Aryaman. Veer says lets go and takes Ayaan. Pakhi is in shock. Everyone leave. Bhaisa says Pakhi come. They come home. Anuja sends Ayaan to his room. Anuja talks to Pakhi infront of everyone. She says what upbringing you did of Ayaan, you knew when you needed money, he risked his life, when you did not give him time, he said he is fine, and today when he could not win, he did this. She says its not Ayaan and Aryaman’s fault, as Aryaman did not get good upbringing. She says rules for Ayaan is different, even when he did a mistake.

She says Ayaan will become Aryaman, not Anshuman, the way you are doing his upbringing, as Aryaman is in jail and Ayaan reached there. She scolds Pakhi a lot, and says you won’t understand motherhood as you did not give birth to Ayaan. Pakhi is stunned. Anuja says I know you love him a lot, but till Anshuman was alive, not now, see what happened today. She says you are not thinking about Ayaan now. Anuja asks Girish to explain Pakhi. Girish says Pakhi made Ayaan close to Anshuman saying a child needs mum and dad’s both, he is incomplete without a father, I know its impossible to forget Anshuman, but you can’t live all life with his memories, decide what you want to do.

Bhaisa asks Pakhi to agree and think about her and Ayaan. He says Ayaan needs a father. Pakhi goes to her room and thinks of everyone’s words and Ayaan. She says they all have manipulated my innocent son’s heart, they are using him, they are showing Ayaan’s need, its their need. Ayaan feels they are right. She gets angry and goes to Ayaan’s room. She sees Ayaan upset. She says do you want dad. She holds his hand and says come with me. Bhaisa talks to Anuja and says I know my Pakhi, she can even die for her loved ones, she will agree, I will talk to her. Pakhi says you don’t have to worry, I made my decision. Everyone look at her.

Pakhi says she is ready to marry. Anuja is very happy and says Aryaman is coming home, and asks them to bring Aryaman home. Veer looks at Pakhi.
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Tumhari Pakhi 28th August 2014 Written Update

Tumhari Pakhi 28th August 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Veer saying he knows everything about her and saying what all she did for Ayaan and Anshuman, as he did her homework. What do you know about me? I came here as I saw Bua’s truth, not just because she called him, I stayed here for Ayaan, I feel life can’t be led alone, I don’t care what you think about me. I see Ayaan missing his dad and I think he should get a father, the life is still in hands, the time won’t be same always. Pakhi comes to his room and packs his bag in anger. Anuja comes and is shocked seeing it. Veer comes and looks on. Anuja asks what is she dpoing. Pakhi throws the bag near him and asks him to leave the house now, not after 10 ddays.

Anuja scolds her and says you always misunderstand people, this is my house too, I called him and he will leave when I say, you can’t do as you wish always. Pakhi turns and tells Veer that Anuaj is against her because of him, he did not come to unite them, but to break relations. She says everything will be fine once you go from here. She leaves. Ayaan is in his school and thinks its not easy to convince Maaa, if she does not want to marry Aryaman, she won’t.

Ayaan says he has to get some idea to convince her, but what and asks Lord to help him. He has a medal in his hand and comes out of the school walking. He sees few kids fighting. Ayaan comes and argues with the bad boys. The boys beat up Ayaan. Pakhi is working in office. Ayaan comes to her in bad state and she is shocked seeing him. She asks what happened. He says those boys have beaten me. She asks why. He says the slum boys. She asks why did you go to slums. Ayaan says he took my trophy also whuch I won in competition. Pakhi says I will break their hands, show me who are those boys.

Veer tells Anuja that its no use if he stays here. Anuja says did you come only for work. He says you both solve this. She says fine, you also go, as everyone left me. She says she needs his support, fine leave me alone. Lavanya comes and asks what going on. Veer stay here for Maa’s sake. Veer says I m not annoyed, I can’t help anyone, I think things will get ugly if I stay here. Lavanya asks her raksha bandhan gift and says its decided he is not going anywhere. Veer agrees.

Lavanya says her car stopped mid way. Veer says he will get it and leaves. Pakhi comes to the slum and sees the boys with Ayaan’s trophy. Ayaan shows her those boys. The boys see them. The boys and Ayaan talk. They taunt him saying he does not have father and he is orphan. Pakhi asks the boy to give Ayaan’s trophy. The boy’s father talk to her. Pakhi says your son has beaten my son and took his trophy, please explain him not to do this and return the trophy. The man says fine, take it and does not give her. He says you have to do arm wrestling with me if you want this, fine you apply full strength and I will have half strength. Pakhi says Ayaan, they are bad people, lets go.

The man challenges her saying Ayaan said she is his mum and dad, and you are running being afraid. He taunts Pakhi. Ayaan says if dad was here, he would have shown them and got my trophy, they are saying bad things. Ayaan intentionally makes Pakhi realize that he needs a father. Hee says you say you are my mum and dad, but see you are unable to do anything. Ayaan thinks spry, I m doing this to make you ready to marry again. The man asks Pajhi to get the trophy if she has guts. Pakhi turns and goes to get the trophy. The man holds her hand while she lifts the trophy. Veer comes there as he was going to get Lavanya’s car and stops seeing Pakhi. He asks the man to leave Pakhi’s hand. The man asks are you Ayaan’s dad, will you challenge me. Pakhi looks at Veer.

Veer sits to arm wrestle with the man and keeps the trophy. Veer wins and pushes the man down. He asks him to apologize to Pakhi and makes him fall in her feet. He says he roams in big cars but he know show to tackle people like him. The man apologizes to Pakhi. Veer gives the trophy to Ayaan and says he will not like to see him again with these boys. He asks Pakhi will she come or does she need any invitation to come. Pakhi looks on.

Anuja talks to Ayaan. He asks how will Maa forgive Chachu. She asks if you want dad, make her realize that you need a father. Ayaan gets into a fight with a goon and police calls Pakhi informing Ayaan is on police station. She is shocked..
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Tumhari Pakhi 27th August 2014 Written Update

Tumhari Pakhi 27th August 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Pakhi talking to Ayaan and asking is he annoyed, for saying such big things. Ayaan says he is worried for her. She asks are you not happy. He shows her family pic and sys there has to be a life partner for you. He says I miss my dad and only chachu can take his place. Pakhi says Ayaan………. He says I know Chachu did wrong, but now he has changed and loves us. She explains him that Aryaman can’t take Anshuman’s place, no one can take his place. Ayaan says even dad married again after his mum died, if he did not take second chance, how would I meet you. He says dad’s sadness got over when you came in his life, you also need a partner. She asks who told you this. He says no one, I miss dad, I know you miss him, you cry seeing dad’s pic at night, and talk to his pic.

She hugs him and asks is he feeling incomplete. He asks for his birthday gift. She says she will try her best to make him happy. She says but dad’s place will be vacant. She says I m your Maa and dad, I will be careful that I don’t do any mistake. He says he is not angry about invitation card mistake. She says you said its elocution competition tomorrow, prepare for it, whats the topic. He says value of parents in child’s life. Pakhi feels sad.

Veer asks for tea. Anuja tells him that she made Ayaan’s fav food. She thanks him. Ayaan says I did what I felt is right. He says send me tea to my room. Pakhi comes there and says she has to make fruit cream for Ayaan. Veer leaves. Pakhi talks to Anuja about Ayaan. Anuja says first he saw his mum’s death and then dad’s death. She says I know Ayaan well, what he is saying is not his words, don’t know why is he saying this. Anuja says he misses his dad, he needs a dad. Pakhi sees ink on Anuja’s hands.

Lavanya and Girish talk about what Ayaan said today. She says Ayaan needs a father and Aryaman is perfect. Girish says but Aryaman is not suitable for Pakhi. I don’t trust him. Riya sees Girish’s pic and is love with him. She gets some Shayari and says I got it. She says Girish will like this Rohan comes to Ayaan and says sorry I could not come in your birthday party, the card has 29th date. Ayaan says sorry and shows the card to Pakhi. Rohan gifts Ayaan. Pakhi sends them to school and sees the card. She sees someone has made 7 as 9 intentionally.

She says Maa did this and asks Sukhi did he keep the cards somewhere before leaving. Sukhi says I went after one hour as I had kitchen work. He kept cards on the table. She says fine and goes to Anuja’s room. Anuja is in bathroom. Pakhi gets the color pen and papers. She says it means Maa changed the date. Anuja comes and is tensed seeing the pen. Pakhi asks why Maa. Veer says Bua did this for you, as she regards you her daughter and want you to live your life again,

He says she called me for help. Pakhi says don’t call your selfishness my help, you came here for bringing back Aryaman. Veer says give me a break, what do you think, can’t I do Aryaman’s bail, what would Ayaan say in court that Aryaman saved him, his men were dead, do you think Bua could not bail him, she can, but she did not do it, as she felt your pain a lot. She says Anuja met you in Delhi as she saw herself in you, she met her son after 25 years, she did not accept him till he got you back in this house, you made her Devki and you don’t trust her.

Veer says to live life alone is like hell, Ayaan needs you today and tomorrow he will get busy, you will get alone, Bua wants you to live happily, and not like her. He says you decided to be Aryaman’s wife for Ayaan’s sake, right.
Pakhi says I took that decision for Ayaan’s life, even this I m saying for his life. Veer says it was good, now that he needs a father then what, Bua does not want you to live a life like hers, we are explaining you this since four months. She says you are good lawyer, but you used a small boy to make me agree. She says what you say and do does not match.

Pakhi asks Veer to leave. Anuja scolds her and says you always misunderstand everyone, this house is mine too. Pakhi says Veer that he came to break relations. Anuja shouts Pakhi.
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Tumhari Pakhi 26th August 2014 Written Update

Tumhari Pakhi 26th August 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Veer talking to Ayaan and making him ready for his birthday. He gifts him a guitar. Ayaan says he had his first mum when he was three year old and he remember his birthday. He says then he did not celebrate birthdays, as dad used to be sad and busy in work. He used to be angry all the time. Veer says if one man manages business, he gets tired. Ayaan says dad changed after Pakhi Maa came, he celebrated life. Veer says he was happy as he had a friend. Ayaan says yes, its good to be friends. Veer says everything is fine now. Ayaan says Maa manages well now. Veer says we will see when there is any problem, come fast. Pakhi calls Ayaan.

Riya likes her designs and wants to show Lavanya. She sees Lavanya and Girish talking. Lavanya does not like the dress. Riya likes it. Lavanya says she will wear something else. Riya says its not right time to show designs, I will show later and leaves. Girish and Lavanya come on Ayaan’s birthday and wish him. She gifts them. Girish says some shayari. Lavanya says Ayaan’s biggest gift is Pakhi is here, else we would have not celebrated it. Everyone smile.

Maha ji says we will go when Ayaan’s friends come and we cut the cake. Pakhi tells her plan that they will cut the cake and then go to gaming zone. Ayaan says then we will come home and dance. He promotes Akshay’s Dare 2 Dance show. A parcel comes for Ayaan. Ayaan opens it and gets a big car. Ayaan asks who has sent it. Ayaan gets the card in it and reads its sent by Aryaman. Everyone is shocked. Anuja says I told Aryaman loves Ayaan a lot.

Pakhi does not react. Lavanya says lets enjoy and play a game. Ayaan says Langdi. Lavanya says catch Dadi. They start playing. Its 5pm and Ayaan’s friends does not come. Pakhi asks Sukhi did he give invitation cards. Sukhi says yes. Maha ji says don’t know he gave or not. Sukhi says he gave it. Pakhi says I will call and find out. She calls Rohan’s mum and the lady says the date is after two days and Rohan went out, I m sorry, greet Ayaan from our side. Ayaan gets sad. Pakhi says how did this happen, the date changed in cards. She calls others. Pakhi says everyone has wrong dates, how can this happen. Ayaan asks will they not come.

Ayaan gets very upset. Anuja says its fine, your mum made mistake, she is working alone, she was getting business calls while making cards, she is alone. Lavanya says you should have taken my help Pakhi, see Ayaan got sad. Pakhi says she wrote right dates. Veer looks on. Pakhi asks Ayaan not to be upset, as its his birthday, she is feeling bad, we will do something else. Ayaan goes. Veer stops him. He says how Pakhi got hurt, as she was doing bowling practice to win in his team, she manages so much, but nothing is important to her than him and his birthday. She works day and night, fulfills his every wish.

Ayaan comes to Pakhi and says Maa won’t you cut my birthday cake. Everyone smile. They ask Maha ji to bring the cake. Ayaan looks at the cake. Pakhi asks him to make a wish and then cut the cake. Ayaan prays and makes a wish. Ayaan cuts the cake. Everyone sing happy birthday to you dear Ayaan. Pakhi makes Ayaan eat the cake and asks him to tell his wish. He says you are my everything, and asks her to remarry. Pakhi is shocked.

Ayaan says please remarry Maa, as you are very alone, you want a friend too. Pakhi is stunned and starts leaving. Anuja stops her and says Ayaan is right. Pakhi should marry now, with someone who is from this house and family, and its only Aryaman. Pakhi is shocked. Everyone is shocked too. Pakhi looks at her. Ayaan says Maa, Dadi is right, you remarry, marry Aryaman Chachu, you said you will fulfill my wish.

Pakhi gets the proof that Anuja changed the dares in invitation cards. She looks at Anuja.
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Monday, 25 August 2014

Tumhari Pakhi 25th August 2014 Written Update

Tumhari Pakhi 25th August 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Veer and Anuja talking about convincing Pakhi for Ayaan’s sake. The manager comes and tells Pakhi that tomorrow’s meeting will be in Chandigarh. Ayaan says but its my birthday. Pakhi says yes, we will celebrate it well and says postpone the meeting. The manager says the client is going abroad. Pakhi says she will keep meeting after one month. He says it will be our major loss, its important. Pakhi says I will tell you later. He leaves. Anuja acts and asks Pakhi to do either mum or dad’s duties. Pakhi says Lord gave me these duties and we will celebrate his birthday. Veer says Pakhi can go, and we all will celebrate birthday. Ayaan says I can’t go without Maa.

Veer talks to Ayaan and makes him understand that Pakhi can’t take care of him being alone, let her do her work, we will celebrate birthday at the gaming zone. Ayaan gets upset. Veer says problem solved, we will celebrate Ayaan’s birthday without his mum. Pakhi thinks what to do, as she can’t make Ayaan feel she has either of mum and dad and she can’t even bear the company loss. She sees the laptop and files. Its morning, Ayaan wakes up and sees birthday decorations. Pakhi and everyone wish him happy birthday. Ayaan cuts the cake. Pakhi blesses him and asks him to always love his mum.

Pakhi asks Maha ji to send all invitation cards to his friends. She asks Ayaan’s wish. He says I will wish in evening, when you are not here. She says I did all planning and I will be there. Ayaan hugs her. Anuja is tensed and says great decision, company crores loss is fine, you said a businesswoman failed by mum. Pakhi says no, both will win today and laughs. Anuja asks how, your meeting is not cancelled. Pakhi says I will do both the works. Ayaan asks how will be there at two places. Pakhi tells about video conferencing, she will be here and do video chat meeting. Ayaan says he is very happy.

Veer thinks Pakhi is very smart. Pakhi says she won’t miss his birthday. Veer says great. Pakhi says its fine, I got idea late. She asks Ayaan to go and celebrate birthday in school, then we will go gaming zone. Ayaan says we will play together, I m Anshuman Rathore’s son, I never fail. Anuja asks Ayaan to have the milk. She says your mum is busy managing everything alone. Riya gives Mrs. Sinha’s watch to Lavanya and apologizes to her. Lavanya smiles and says its alright. Lavanya tells Girish that she has to go to market to buy gift for Ayaan. He says go, I will take care of kids. Riya sees Girish and smiles.

Lavanya says so cute and leaves. Riya thanks Girish. Girish says everything happens in life, we have to see what we choose, as nothing is perfect in life. He leaves. She says she does not agree, life has something perfect, as you are perfect, your approach is like my Mr. Right. Pakhi prepares to play bowling alley as she has to play with Ayaan and win. Veer comes and is shocked seeing her play during work. She says this time, all should fall. She hits the ball and all bottles fall. She says yuhooooo……………. She turns and sees Veer. She hurts her hand and it bleeds. She says I will handle. He holds her hand and does the dressing.
Veer tells about touch, which shows everything about a person, the most beautiful touch is the one which touches heart. She thinks about her words told to Anshuman about language of touch. She gets upset. He does the dressing and says your hand showing it to her. Ayaan comes back from school and asks Maha ji to give him food, as he is very hungry. Maha ji gives her juice. He says everyone was asking me where is the party. He says he said he does not know. Maha ji says how will they come. Pakhi says they will get cute invitation card. Ayaan says you came early.

Pakhi says her meeting was good and she came for him. He asks how did she get hurt. She says nothing. Ayaan asks Maha ji to get haldi milk for Pakhi. Pakhi holds her ears and says sorry Maa, I will drink it. Ayaan says that’s like my Baccha. Pakhi goes to get ready. Ayaan asks Maha ji to put honey in the haldi milk. Veer says mum is taking lots of stress, but you are there to take care of him. Maha ji says how much will a woman do, Pakhi is very strong, but I feel she works all night and still keeps smiling. I saw her at night, she sleeps being tired and again working in morning, she does not have anyone in her life, she is killing herself. Veer asks her to take milk and go. Ayaan feels bad. Veer thinks I know Pakhi does not need anyone, but if Ayaan needs a father, I have to make him realize you and Ayaan need someone.

Pakhi and Ayaan cut the cake. She asks his wish. Ayaan asks her to remarry. Anuja says Pakhi should marry Aryaman. Pakhi is shocked.
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Friday, 22 August 2014

Tumhari Pakhi 22nd August 2014 Written Update

Tumhari Pakhi 22nd August 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Ayaan seeing Anshuman’s pic and asking Pakhi does she miss Anshuman. She asks why, are you missing him. He says yes, don’t you. She takes the pic and says I will miss him when he leaves us and goes, he is always with me. Ayaan says its said time changes everything. She says yes, bad memories goes, we forget it, but good memories always stays with us, shows us right way and encourages us, like your dad, he helps me and makes me strong. She says we will not be apart, so I don’t miss him. Ayaan says but no one helps you. She says so I ask you to grow up soon and become qualified and smart like your dad, so that you take care of business and I can rest. She asks him to do his homework. She looks at the pic and smiles.

Veer shouts seeing a lizard. He asks anyone to come. Ayaan comes to him and sees the lizard. Veer signs him to shoo it. Ayaan claps and the lizard is gone. Veer says well done. He asks why did you come here. Ayaan says what you told me, I thought a lot, your theory is wrong, elders teach us to be independent, you taught people should be dependent, sorry my mum does not need any life partner, mum loves dad a lot and will always love him, if she can’t love anyone else, she does not need anyone. She says original is original and duplicate can’t take its place and about support, I will grow up and support her. He says you don’t worry uncle, mum is not stressed, good night. Veer shakes hand. Ayaah leaves. Veer says he went on his mum. I have 10 days now. If I can’t bring Aryaman back in this home, then I m not a good lawyer.

Riya comes to know that she is listed in attendance shortage and her father is asked to come. Lavanya and Girish come. Lavanya tells about Pakhi supporting Ayaan so much. Riya makes the designs. Girish asks did she make the designs. Riya says yes. Girish likes it. Lavanya does some corrections and gives tips. She asks her to prepare presentation and give the client. She gives Mrs Sinha’s expensive watch to her, asking her to return it. Riya says sure.

Pakhi tries to book a reservation in Chinese hotel, for organizing a party. Veer comes and talks to her. He says if the Chinese hotel is not available, you don’t have options to make Ayaan’s birthday rocking. He says he has some ideas as she is stuck. She says she is not stuck and she does not need his ideas. He says fine, best of luck. She asks what idea. He says Ayaan will like gaming zone and adventure parties. She says I think its not a bad idea, I will ask Ayaan. Ayaan comes and asks what is she preparing for his birthday. She asks about his adventures, cars, cool party. He says wow, I will tell my friends.

She says no, I will give them invitation, we will cut the cake at home and then head to gaming zone. She thanks Veer for the idea. He says he will make good things for her in 10 days. Ayaan tells this to Sukhi. Ayaan says you all will have cake, as we will be together. Sukhi is glad. Ayaan comes in Anuja’s room and sees her crying looking at Aryaman’s pic. He asks is she missing him. She says yes. He says he did wrong, so he went in jail. He should be punished. Anuja says no, don’t say this, he loves us a lot, I went to meet him, he asked about you and Pakhi, he worries for us.

She says we should forgive when anyone makes mistakes. Sukhi comes and asks Ayaan to go as Pakhi is waiting for him, to shop at a mall. Ayaan says I will think what Dadi said. He leaves. Riya says she lost the watch and Lavanya scolds her. Riya argues. Lavanya asks her to get the watch else don’t assist her. Riya says she won’t work. Girish says I thought shoe designing is your passion. Riya says yes, its my passion, but she fired me. Girish says her anger is justified. He asks how did the watch get lost. She says about attendance shortage, and she took a fake dad and that man took my purse and run.

Girish asks her does she remember the car number. She says the number. He says I will try to find out. She smiles. Pakhi and Ayaan come doing the shopping. He says I got many return gifts for my friends and all of you. He sees Anuja and asks Pakhi, can’t she get Aryaman home on his birthday. Pakhi is shocked. He says Anuja and Chachu miss each other, Anuja went to meet him and he asked us. Anuja sends the servants. Pakhi says we can’t bring anyone from jail like this, so I can’t promise.

Pakhi asks him to give his friend’s list to send invitation. Ayaan goes to make the list. Pakhi comes to talk to Anuja and says you want an answer for Ayaan’s question. She says she understands her feelings for her son, but. Anuja says Aryaman changed, he misses us a lot. Pakhi says its your love for son, will you choose him or good for the family. Anuja says he is part of the family, but enemy. Pakhi says he kidnapped Ayaan, kidnapped me, is he not our enemy. Anshuman dies because of him. She says are we not part of this family. Anuja says person changes with time. Pakhi says I can’t take risk. Anuja says you can’t be always right, think about Ayaan. Pakhi says he is small and can’t understand anything. Anuja says she will do what she feels is right. Pakhi says I won’t let Aryaman come back in this house.

Veer tells Anuja that Pakhi will realize that she can’t manage Ayaan alone. Pakhi gets an important meeting. Ayaan says but its my birthday. Veer says we all will celebrate it, let Maa go. Ayaan gets upset.
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