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Tumhari Pakhi 30th September 2014 Written Update

Tumhari Pakhi 30th September 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Riya lying to Pakhi that Lavanya is her role model and she wants to be like her, so she dressed like her and want to look like her. Pakhi smiles and says yes, its good you follow her as role model, but you should keep yourself unique. She asks her to create her own self. Ayaan and Veer come with gifts. Ayaan says Veer has given them the gifts. Riya says she does not want. Ayaan asks her to take it. She takes it. Ayaan says check it, he gave by love. Riya sees the tablet and looks at Veer. Ayaan gets the same old one, which Anshuman gifted him. He is thankful to Veer.

He says Maa told me that you are getting this repaired, my dad gave me this, it means you love me a lot, even I love you. Ayaan hugs him. Pakhi smiles. Riya says she does not want this. Pakhi says keep it, your dad got it by love. Ayaan says keep it, else we will fight again, you will check hairstyles and I will see projects. Veer says take it for your work, you will need it. Pakhi says yes, you got many orders and you got money, you have to return. Riya says ok and leaves. Ayaan says he can’t give money. Veer asks what does he want, he will get everything.

Ayaan says he wants a kiss. Pakhi says Ayaan…. Ayaan says I need from both. Veer and Pakhi kiss him and he moves back, just like he did with Anshuman and Pakhi. Veer and Pakhi look at each other. She thinks about Anshuman. Saiyyan……………….plays……………….. Its night, Girish comes to Lavanya. He asks why did he give Nanny’s ad. She says she took a big assignment, and he can’t see the kids. He says but why are you increasing work. She says to show her friends, she wants all retailers work. He says so you took after the exhibition result, why are you compromising with family and kids’s time. She says NAny will give attention to kids, it will settle.

Girish gets angry. She says she has decided and he has to decide will he support her or not. He says he won’t do. She says you know big homes kids grow with Nanny, just like Ayaan. He says yes, but before Pakhi came, see the difference after she came. She says she will keep Nanny, she is not Pakhi. She leaves. He says you can’t be like Pakhi. Ayaan asks Riya not to keep legs on dining table. She asks him to finish his food. Pakhi smiles. Ayaan says he does not like Palak dish. Pakhi says its good for heakth. Riya takes it and Ayaan thanks her. Anuja is angry seeing kids happy.

Ayaan runs saying he won’t have more Palak. Veer asks for water. Ashok gives him. Veer says keep it back and asks Pakhi to give water. The servants leave. She gives him water. Veer starts arguing and signs her about the fight idea. Pakhi says this water is for me, you can take water yourself. They start fighting infront of Riya and Anuja. They do good acting and want to make Riya react. Pakhi asks Veer to become chef in any hotel if he wants to become a cook. Riya looks on. Veer smiles and Pakhi beats him.

Pakhi says I make good food, ask anyone. She says if you have problem, go and make food. He says yes, I will my fav food. There is no option. Riya does not react and they fight more. Veer says he won’t talk now. Pakhi says yes, go, let me have food peacefully. He leaves. Pakhi sees Riya and acts like crying. She says he shows he cares for us, and now showed his true colors. Anuja looks on puzzled. Pakhi asks Riya is this right, he scolded me just for water, did I deserve this, I make food for everyone, take care of everyone. Riya says he did not do right with anyone, don’t have any expectations. She smiles and says she said something. She smiles and messages Veer that this fight reacted Riya. Veer smiles reading message.

Anuja brings Riya to kitchen and gives her the top to reach a man’s heart is through his stomach. She says she will help her in cooking. Riya asks why is she doing this, what are her intentions. Anuja says what, I just want to make two lovers unite. Riya says Nah, you think I m characterless, then I m your enemy. Anuja says no, they are your enemy, we should be friends. I got angry on you, but then I knew you came to help us, our motive is same, if you feel you won’t need my help, then its fine. Riya says all this won’t work, I try hard but fail.

Anuja says you said he loves his wife. She says when a girl loves a married man, its problem, but if he has kids, then no problem. She says when kids are there, husband and wife love them, you said his wife does not care for his kids, so tell him that she does not care for kids and you will care, then he will come to you. Riya smiles. Anuja says Pakhi should not know this, she is old fashioned. Riya says you see daily soaps. Anuja says no, life’s experience. Riya says she will need her. Anuja says she will be there for her even if she runs with that man. Anuja thinks she is doing this to win the case of Ayaan’s custody. She leaves. Riya says she feels she is smart and using me, when she knows she is getting used, she will regret.

Riya tells Pakhi why she hates Veer. Her parents used to fight because of his love letters, which he wrote to her mum, and her parents died too because of him. She says she can never forgive him. Pakhi cries. Veer hears this standing far and is shocked.
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Tumhari Pakhi 29th September 2014 Written Update

Tumhari Pakhi 29th September 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Pakhi asking Veer not to over act. She comes to Ayaan and talks to him. She asks him to go and play. Ayaan says no, I have to go. She insists and sends him out. Ayaan finds it odd as she is saying the opposite thing. She says no, playing is also important, your mind will be refreshed. He asks are you fine, please let me study. Veer asks him to go and show the bike to his friends. Ayaan goes. Pakhi says where is Riya. Riya comes to meet Girish and gives him flowers. They have a talk. She thanks him for helping her so much. He asks her to sit.

Girish asks Riya to see how children smile. Riya says children know who loves them. She says the one who have loneliness, how can they love someone. She asks him to give the baby. He says fine, and gives his daughter. Riya takes the baby and talks to her. Girish says you look young but you are mature. She says she is not interested in pubs and hanging out, its good to live together and spend time. He smiles. Girish talks to baby and says he is missing Lavanya, lets call and ask why is she late. Riya gets angry seeing Girish and Lavanya’s pic. Lavanya is in meeting. She gets Girish’s call and ends it.

The client talks to Lavanya and says he need 24 hours, can she give so much time. She says yes, I will do hard work. He says think again, the contract papers will be here, if you think you can, sign the papers. She thanks him. He leaves. Her secretary says how will you manage this assignment, you have two small kids. Girish calls her and asks when is she coming. She says she will be late and ends the call. Riya smiles. Girish says I love you and miss you. Riya says Girish has love and she wants love, he can complete her incomplete life.

Riya comes home smiling. Anuja asks did she meet him. Riya asks what. Anuja smiles and says don’t; hide anything from me, I know your secret. Riya says nothing. Anuja says your first life with married man, books won’t help, take my help. Riya thinks yes, she is right, Lavanya is her daughter and Girish liked her, she does not know my love is Girish but her advice will help. Anuja prays Riya stops her. Riya stops her and says you won’t ask me the name. Anuja says naughty girl, tell me till where did this matter go. She says no, he does not know, I went to meet his kids.

Anuja says what, he has kids, it means he loves his wife, you want to take her place or…. She says I know he loves his wife but she does not care, he loves his kids a lot. Anuja says simple, you win his kids and he will like you. Riya says you are right. Anuja thinks Riya will run with his man, and Pakhi’s name will be spoiled. Riya smiles and thinks she is helping me in breaking her daughter’s home, the day she knows, she will be shocked. Pakhi asks Veer to throw the fan. He says ok and throws. She shouts.

Everyone come and see Pakhi and Veer arguing. Veer says he is not irresponsible and don’t threaten me. He says women don’t care, they always take advantage. Pakhi says don’t start gender biasing. They argue a lot and he asks her to mind her business, and lets break up. She says fine, how can you end this fight so soon, what do you mean, if fans don’t work, I will change them. They turn. Ayaan comes to them and sees them annoyed. He asks whats going on. He says this woman…. She says whom are you calling woman. He says you are.

Ayaan says what happened to both of you. He asks the servants to go from here. Veer and Pakhi sign. Ayaan asks Anuja to leave as its her yoga time. He says Riya that they teach me sharing is caring and not fighting, what are they doing now. Riya says yes and leaves. Ayaan asks them whats their problem. Ayaan makes them hold each other’s ears and say sorry. Veer asks him how did he come. Ayaan says he did not take bike’s keys. Veer gives him and Ayaan leaves.

Veer smiles and says everything went right. She says he overacted and being over intelligent, you ruined everything, I have to think a topic again. He says you fight awesome. She says this was fake, see next time. He worries and says he is feeling uneasy after fighting. She says she has a solution and asks him to try. He says fine. She leaves. Riya applies the cream and tells Ayaan about the glow. Ayaan applies all the cream and she scolds him saying its girl’s cream, you will look beautiful, not handsome. He says how to get glow on my face. She says I have one trick, you go to terrace and stand facing moon light, then see the glow. Ayaan believes her but says if he does not get glow, he won’t return the cream. He runs.

Riya says she will try a dress to impress Girish. Veer sees Ayaan doing the stupid trick. He also tries it and asks Ayaan what. Ayaan says it brings glow on face and guys get handsome. He says what, someone told me if you stand like this, the body heat after fight get released. Ayaan asks who said. He says your Maa. Ayaan says then might be right. Veer asks who said you. Ayaan says Riya. They have a talk. Veer asks for whom is he doing this. Ayaan says for Avni. Veer smiles. Ayaan asks him to keep the secret. Veer says no way and asks more details. Ayaan says promise me you won’t say Maa. Veer promises him. Ayaan tells in his ears and Veer laughs.

Riya dresses like Lavanya and looks at the mirror. She says Girish will like me now. Pakhi comes and is shocked seeing her. Riya turns and Pakhi looks at her dress. Riya gets tensed.

Veer and Pakhi promote the show’s new timing on 8.30 PM from 6th October. Veer and Pakhi fight again on food and Riya looks on. Pakhi asks Riya is this right. Riya says don’t expect. Anuja asks Riya to win her love by food. Riya asks why is she helping her.

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Tumhari Pakhi 26th September 2014 Written Update

Tumhari Pakhi 26th September 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi asking Anuja what is she doing with Riya’s purse. Anuja says she won’t let Riya come close to Veer. Pakhi thanks her for reminding her aim, and says its good to keep enemies close. Anuja says not so close to show your secrets. Pakhi says I don’t have secrets and many people’s truth have come out. They taunt each other with a smile. Anuja says she will walk ahead. Pakhi says yes, as she is a mum. Anuja says your smile won’t be for long. Pakhi says your son Anshuman told my smile gives him peace always, this won’t go. Pakhi says your tension will show my smile is intact or not, you are my Maa, if you get hurt, I also feel hurt, I can’t bear this.

Anuja says our way is different now, I m fan of your positive attitude, but now I won’t leave any hope for you. She leaves hiding a book with her which she found in Riya’s purse. Riya talks to someone and says this is not infatuation, I love him. She turns and sees Anuja with her book. Anuja asks what happened, I can understand I m thinking right, you are in love, with some married man. Riya takes the book and asks her to mind her work. Anuja says great. Riya says what will you do, complain to my father, fine, I don’t care.

Anuja says relax, I won’t tell Veer, you are 18 and can decide, you can run away with the man you love. She asks Riya not to show this book to anyone, as the title is how to romance married man. She says Pakhi can see this and make an issue. She fills Riya’s ears against Pakhi. Riya says go and tell her, make a scene. Anuja says when will you understand me, I m Ayaan’s Dadi, so your Dadi too. She says she has many ways to win the case, but she wants to win by truth, as she has to show her face to Lord, she will not ruin her true love, I know what is real love.

She says love is boundless, love does not see a man is married or not, the people are lucky who get love, I m with you, I will make sure you get your love, take this book. Riya nods yes and leaves. Anuja thinks its good that Riya runs with this man and then she will win without fighting. Veer comes to Pakhi in the kitchen and asks can he help in gift wrap. She says no, its done. They have a talk. He sees her cutting potatoes and asks her to cut it symmetrically as its an art. She says see I m cutting well, and says lets have a competition, lets see who cuts it better. They start cutting.

She is shocked seeing him cut it so fine. He says see its same. She says no, I want like this one. They argue. He says you have cut like stones. Riya comes in kitchen and sees them arguing. Pakhi asks Riya to see both the potatoes cut and tell which is better, as we had a competition. Riya says ok and checks it. She sees Veer’s fine but says Pakhi’s one is good. Pakhi is happy. Veer says she will take your side as she is annoyed with me. Pakhi says yes, its simple you cut better, I agree, and I know Riya is annoyed, I know how to make the relation well, I got the idea. He says what/ She says I won’t say, you cut it well, cut more potatoes now. He says I knew this.

They come to room and she gives him coffee. She says even if you do good thing, she will not praise you, but praise me. He says so? What will this do? She says she will explain. She says we can’t make Riya come closer, till they know why she is annoyed, so we will show we are against each other, then she will support me and we will come closer then I will know whats in her heart, why does she hate you, then we will get the solution. She says Riya will come close to you and Ayaan will be with me. He says yu have huge advantage as you stayed with family, why did I not think this. She says you are good cutting potatoes, you do this. He says Riya won’t share things with you.

She says you don’t know girls, once they sit to talk, they share secrets. He asks he is curious to know what do girls talk. She says what guys talk. He says bad things? She looks at him. He changes the topic and says he will cook anything she says. She says does he always think only about food. She says she is tensed. He says relax. She asks did he get idea. He says I m working, it will come. He smiles and says its small fight, we have to work on similar. She says no, we need a big fight with some story. He says he can’t think, you think. She says she does not know. He talks about Anshuman and she looks at him.

Veer apologizes to her. She smiles and says I had small fights with Anshuman every day and then it used to get over in some time, we used to fight to make up to each other. She asks about him and Kirti, and their fights. He says yes, she used to fight for small things, like not calling, just that stuff, let it be, you won’t get any hint from my life. Ayaan comes and gives his laptop. He says its outdated, get it upgraded. Veer says fine. Ayaan leaves. Pakhi and Veer get the same idea of internet. She says it good to know you think in hindi. He says does it matter if I think in Haryanvi. She smiles. They search for top 5 reasons why married coupled fight. They see a video and play it.

They hear the man saying the first and biggest reason to fight occurring between the married couple. is not having physical relation. Pakhi gets embarrassed. Veer looks at her. The man says its required to talk and understand, as body needs are not silent, its important in married couples. Pakhi gets up and goes away being tensed. The man continues and Veer shuts the laptop. Pakhi applies cream to her hands. Veer starts the laptop and the video starts again. She says can’t you shut it. He says Ayaan will use laptop tomorrow, is he sees the video, his education will start tomorrow. He shuts the videos and laptop. They get uncomfortable. He says the fan is running fast, I m scared, it fell on me when I was small. She says why does this strange things happen with you. She gets the idea to fight. He asks what. She shows the fan and smiles.

Pakhi and Veer promote the show’s new timing at 8. 30 PM. Pakhi and Veer start fighting about the fan damage. Anuja, Riya and everyone hear them fighting.
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Tumhari Pakhi 25th September 2014 Written Update

Tumhari Pakhi 25th September 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Anuja asking Veer to kick out Riya if he wants to become Ayaan’s father. Veer calls out Riya and asks did she fit the wheels in Ayaan’s skateboard. She says yes. Anuja scolds her. Veer brings Riya to see Ayaan’s state. Riya says I don’t know, I did not do this, he came to me to get the wheels right, he was not giving me keys. Pakhi says yes, Riya fitted the wheels infront of me, its not her mistake. Anuja says Riya fitted it loose so that Ayaan meets with an accident, she is after Ayaaan. Riya says she is wrong. Pakhi defends Riya and asks Anuja does she have proof. Anuja says I will call court people and show everything, decide in 10mins, will you kick out Riya or shall I get orders from court, Riya should not be close to Ayaan.

Riya says fine, you guys don’t believe me, I don’t care. Veer cares for Ayaan. Pakhi says Riya did not do this, I know, its an accident. She says Maa is emotional for Ayaan and she is blaming Riya for all this. Anuja tells Lavanya that Riya will be going and court’s decision will be in our favor. Veer says he is not sure whether he knows Riya. He says after seeing all this, I can’t be sure that Riya did not do this. Pakhi says what are you saying. Veer says Ayaan is hurt, I have forgiven her always, whats this, Ayaan burnt her designs, he is small kid, but she is 18, she can’t do this to win, this behavior is not acceptable, I can’t trust her now.

He says sorry, I think time has come to take a decision. Anuja says Veer is trapped now, for Ayaan’s safety Riya has to go. Lavanya says I think we should not wait and call the court people to see Ayaan’s state. Veer comes to Riya and packs her bag. Riya asks what are you doing. Pakhi comes and stops Veer. She asks him to think again. Veer takes the bag and asks Riya to leave for everyone’s good. Riya says so you feel I did this, this is nor right, you can get me here anytime and kick me out whenever you like. Veer says I have one answer, please leave.

Riya says you trust Anuja, and not me, you call me daughter, all acting, you care for Ayaan, that’s all. Veer says you will be living in hostel. Riya says I don’t need your help, I will help myself, you will not get Ayaan’s custody. Veer says I will find another way, but I can’t compromise on Ayaan’s safety. Pakhi asks Veer to stop her and stops Riya. Riya says stop your drama now. Riya cries. Riya says Veer is kicking me out, I understand I m not emotionally attached with you all, thanks a lot to show me this low side of yours. Pakhi apologizes and stops Riya.

She says Ayaan will ask you, find out, he loves you, so he came to you. Riya says no, Ayaan will also say this. Ayaan comes and stops Riya. He says don’t go Riya Di. Riya looks at him. Anuja runs to Ayaan. She asks him to come to his room. Ayaan says leave me and goes to Riya. Ayaan says the skateboard wheels got loose, but you did not do it, I just fell. He says he fell by his mistake, its not her mistake, don’t go, if you go, I will also come with you. Pakhi smiles. Ayaan asks Veer to stop Riya and not kick her out of home, she did not do anything, she fixed the wheels on my insistence.

Ayaan asks Riya will she stay with him and holds her hand. He says please don’t go, else I will also leave this house. Riya cries. Riya hugs him. Anuja is shocked. Ayaan thanks her. Ayaan takes Riya back to their room. Ayaan acts to make Riya smile. She asks him you fight, you don’t like me and burnt my designs too, then why did you stop me. He says he got the spice in his life. She tickles him and says she will call him Golgappa and pull his cheeks. He says no please. He runs and she catches him. She hugs him and says I did not do anything with skateboard wheels. He says his balance went out and he fell.

He says even if she did, he would have not done anything, as he has burnt her designs. Pakhi and Veer see them hugging. Pakhi says kids solve problem with their innocence. She says life is always simple and we make it complicated. Lavanya and Girish have a talk about Anuja and Aryaman. Girish says she is wrong. Lavanya says she will support Anuja. Anuja comes in Ayaan’s room and looks for some proof to kick out Riya. She says she will make Riya leave this house and takes her purse.

Veer gets two tablets for Ayaan. Pakhi says lets gift the new one to Riya. Veer says fine. He asks Pakhi to give it. She says why me, you give. He says no, you give. She asks him to make Riya know he loves her. He says I m like this, else I would have told Kirti my feelings. She says I will gift wrap this tab and bring it. She goes to Ayaan’s room and sees Anuja with Riya’s purse. Pakhi asks her what is she doing with Riya;’s purse. Anuja is shocked.

Anuja tells Pakhi that Riya won’t come near Veer, I will not let you get any hope. Anuja comes to know Riya loves a married man and smiles..
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Tumhari Pakhi 24th September 2014 Written Update

Tumhari Pakhi 24th September 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Girish praising Lavanya’s collection and hugging her. Riya comes and Lavanyaa avoids her. Girish says show me the designs and likes it. Riya smiles. He says I can’t believe you made these designs, as beautiful people make beautiful designs, you have a great future. She thinks with you Girish. Veer comes to office and sees Anuja sitting on his chair. He says you here. She asks will I take your permission to come in my son’s office, I have to keep an eye if it goes in other’s hand. She says she has to check accounts, and asks about gifts and car he bought. He opens his laptop and asks her to see the company’s balance sheet. He says I m a lawyer, I take hearing’s high amount that I can buy a car, you know me, we belong to same family, I m also rich, I don’t need company’s money to buy small gifts.

She says fine, then take your wife and daughter, just leave. He says yes, I would have gone with Pakhi, Riya and Ayaan, you stopped me. He tells a case about inspector and thief. He says judge got bored about the thief running many times and inspector catching him. The inspector says he is bored so he leaves the thief and catches him again. Anuja says what a joke. He says if you will be bored here if Pakhi and I go from here, so I staying here, the story is over now, you can leave. She leaves.

Lavanya presents her exclusive designs. She sells the shoes for 74000rs. They ask about Riya. Lavanya says she is new, I gave her chance to present her catalogue, I m just helping her. They say you have a big heart. Girish talks to the ladies and says I think its very expensive. I want an affordable one, and takes them to Riya’s designs. Riya hears him and smiles. Riya sells her design for Rs 15000 and is glad. Lavanya looks on as Riya gets amny orders. Riya thanks Girish and he smiles. She goes to Girish and says I got 12 orders and 15000 each. Girish says congrats. She says all because of you.He says no, its your hardwork.

Girish calls Pakhi and says Riya’s shoes are selling soon, she is getting 15000 for each pair. The ladies taunt Lavanya and say they like Riya’s designs, she is very talented, don’t let her go, her time has started. She asks her to keep Riya’s shoes next time and she has sold just one pair today. Pakhi comes and is glad seeing Riya. Pakhi says I m very happy, its first day and so many people praising you, how many orders you got. Riya shows the order paper. Pakhi says 23, amazing. I m so proud of you. She says when you smile, you look lovely.

Lavanya comes being angry and scolds Pakhi blaming her for all this. She says first you ruined Aryaman’s life, my mum’s life, and now after me. She says why did you come here, to see my friends not liking my designs, you did not come for my exhibition and did not praise me, you came to say congrats to Riya to show me down right. Girish says listen to me Lavanya. Pakhi says no, I came to encourage Riya. Lavanya says you are ungraceful, backward village girl for me. Pakhi gets upset. Girish takes Lavanya. Pakhi asks Riya to come out, she will wait there.

Riya thinks to see Girish and Lavanya’s fight. Girish asks Lavanya is she mad, how can she say this to Pakhi, why is she angry, as her designs are not liked and Riya’s designs are liked. Lavanya says she is not angry on Riya, but on Pakhi, she did not come in any event. Girish says I called Pakhi to encourage Riya. They argue about her. Riya smiles. Lavanya says you care about Riya and Pakhi, not your wife. She says do you know what happened with me. Riya thinks fight more and make Girish away, so that he can come close to me, keep fighting Lavanya.

Riya and Pakhi come home. Pakhi asks her to freshen up, she will send food. Ayaan greets Riya. Riya scolds him. Ayaan asks her to repair her skateboard. Riya says let me go, I don’t care. Ayaan says how will you go to room, I have the keys. She says give me keys. He says first my work. She says she is tired, don’t mess with me. Pakhi smiles. Riya helps him. Ayaan says I love you Didi. Anuja talks to Lavanya and asks why did you let Riya come in exhibition, she will be determined and lose focus on Veer. Anuja sees Riya and Ayaan together and is shocked seeing them happy.

She sees Ayaan and says got an idea. Riya calls Girish and asks about Lavanya’s mood. She apologizes to him. He says no, its not your mistake. He asks her to concentrate on her orders, as she has to deliver on time. She smiles and ends the call. Pakhi cooks food for Ayaan and Riya. She says its celebration for Riya today. Ayaan shouts Maa and she runs to see Ayaan fallen on the ground. She shouts Ayaan. The servants take him to his room. Lavanya also comes. The doctor treats Ayaan and says his eye would have gone if the wound happened below forehead.

Veer comes home asking about Ayaan. Anuja stops him and blames Riya for Ayaan’s accident. He asks what. He says you won’t meet Ayaan. Pakhi asks what is she saying. Anuja says don’t you know, Riya has fixed wheels in Ayaan’s skate board and this accident happened. She says Riya wants to kill Ayaan. She asks him to kick out Riya. says you want to become Ayaan’s dad, think and decide, who will stay. Riya or Ayaan. Pakhi looks on.

Veer packs Riya’s bag. Riya asks what is he doing. Veer asks her to go. Riya starts leaving. Ayaan stops her.
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Tumhari Pakhi 23rd September 2014 Written Update

Tumhari Pakhi 23rd September 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Ayaan burning Riya’s designs. Riya comes and is shocked. She scolds Ayaan and tries to save the designs. She calls for help. Veer, Pakhi and Anuja come there. Riya and Ayaan fight. Anuja smiles. Veer scolds Ayaan and asks him to get out. He pushes Ayaan and Pakhi holds him. Ayaan leaves annoyed. Veer says Ayaan………… Anuja comes and says see the kids, they are trying to harm each other. Riya says my designs, he ruined everything. Veer says listen to me. Riya says don’t act like a father, just go to your son. She cries and says all this is my mistake right, you got me here to get Pakhi get Ayaan’s custody who is the heir of this property.

Ayaan tells Pakhi that Veer is very bad, he does not love me, he loves just Riya. Pakhi scolds him for burning Riya’s designs. Ayaan says why did she keep cigarette in my bag. She says she did not do it. He says she told it. She says try to understand. He says you listen to me. Pakhi shouts Ayaan………… Ayaan says everyone is on Riya’s side. Veer comes to Ayaan and Pakhi. Ayaan gets angry and leaves. Veer says sorry. Pakhi says Riya……… I will call Girish, the exhibition is tomorrow and designs…….. She leaves.

Lavanya calls her friends to come in exhibition. Girish comes to her and hears her talking. He says Riya can’s participate as her designs caught fire. She says fine, confirm again. He says he will let her know. Maha ji says Ayaan and Riya are not ready to have food. Pakhi and Veer are upset at the dining table. Veer says his fate does not change when to comes to relations. Veer says I don’t want Ayaaan to go away from you, as you are trying to bring Riya closer to me. He leaves. Anuja smiles seeing Pakhi alone, even Veer will go far from you, you will be left alone, this is your first big failure, relations were your strength, now it will become a curse. Anuja leaves.

Ayaan comes to have food and Pakhi smiles. She makes him eat food. He says first you and makes her eat. She says you used to say you love dad and mum both when we fought and did not take anyone’s side. Veer treats every child equally, he loves both of you. Ayaan says but he scolds me. Pakhi says you also talk angrily to mum sometimes, it does not mean you don’t love me, I know you love way, same way Veer loves you, as he agreed to become your dad on your saying it once. She says Veer did not buy a new tablet, he said the old one was gifted by Anshuman, so he will repair it, he cares for you. She says Riya did not keep the cigarettes. Ayaan asks then who. She says don’t know. Ayaan says sorry.

Pakhi brings food for Veer. He says no, I don’t want. She tries to convince him to have food. She says Ayaan and Riya’s fight is good, as they are talking to each other, they are not like strangers. She says the relations which start with fights become very strong in future. He says he understands it very well. Its morning, Riya is leaving for the exhibition after making the designs again. She bumps into Veer and her designs fall. He says sorry. Riya scolds him. He says her not to go in upset mood, keep a smile on your face, don’t take tension. He gives a car with driver. He says you can’t travel on scooty, its not safe. Anuja looks on and leaves.

Riya asks is this bribe to make me say in court that you are a very good father, this won’t happen. Veer says no, you are my daughter, so I thought this for your convenience, best of luck. Don’t say no. He gives her the keys. She says wait and says she has the diary as she has mentioned all that he spent on her, she will work and return back the money, but not give him the good father certificate. She notes the car amount and leaves. Veer sees the Lord idol and prays for Riya. Pakhi comes and smiles seeing him.

She says you are praying for Riya’s success. He says no, I was just…….. He laughs and says yes, its parent’s exam more than kids’. He says he has to drop Ayaan, is he still annoyed. She says don’t know, you ask him, I won’t come in between. Ayaan and Veer see each other. They walk to each other and talk to each other via the vase. Veer says sorry. Ayaan asks him to take the family for Chinese. Veer says done. Ayaan says sorry. Ayaan hugs Veer. Anuja is shocked seeing them. She says Pakhi did this, she ruined my plan, till when will she win, I will keep trying and fail her.

Anuja asks Veer about the company’s finance and taunts him to take wife and daughter from here. Lavanya scolds Pakhi and Riya looks on.

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Tumhari Pakhi 22nd September 2014 Written Update

Tumhari Pakhi 22nd September 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Veer coming to see Ayaan. Pakhi says he went to school. She shows him Riya’s designs. He likes it and says she is so good. He says my daughter is an artist. She says she made it working all night, she is so dedicated, if we support her, she can go a long way ahead and become a good person. Anuja tells them that a call from Ayaan’s school came, I m worried. Pakhi and Veer go and meet the principal. Anuja joins them to add fire. The principal says this won’t work in our school, its not acceptable. Pakhi asks what happened. He says the cigarette boxes in Ayaan’s bag. He says Ayaan got this to school today. Anuja says no, this is impossible. He says parents are responsible if a kid gets into bad company, talk to Ayaan.

Veer says we understand and we will check this matter, thanks. Pakhi says how did this cigarette packet get into Ayaan’s bag. Ayaan cries and says he does not know about this, I got punished. Anuja says I know who did this, Riya. Anuja says when they fought, Riya has threatened him. Ayaan says what, did Riya do this. Pakhi takes Ayaan. Veer asks Anuja to stop it, as Riya can’t do this in revenge. Anuja says the lighter has R written on it, R for Riya, you won’t say as she is your daughter, but don’t forget Ayaan is my blood, my grandson, I will talk to Riya, I can’t bear if Riya does this, not done. She leaves.

Pakhi tells Ayaan that she will talk to teacher and hugs him. Girish sees Lavanya master her designs and wants to make the exhibition world’s best. She asks her assistant Sunidhi to do all the work. She says she will give personal invitation to my clients. Girish talks about Riya to exhibit her designs too in her exhibition, she will be encouraged, I hope you don’t have problem. Lavanya says yes, I don’t have, but she may have problem, as I m old and have exclusive designs, she is new and can lose her confidence.

Anuja comes home angrily and scolds Riya. Riya says calm down, why are you shouting. Riya asks what did I do. Anuja asks did you keep this cigarette and lighter in Ayaan’s bag. Riya says she did not. Anuja says I know girls like you. Riya argues. Pakhi, Veer and Ayaan looks on. Anuja insults Riya. Riya looks at Veer. Anuja says Riya has done wrong. Pakhisays ask her once, don’t blame her. Anuja says Ayaan is my blood, Riya has come in my house. She asks Riya not to look at Veer and taunts her. Riya says yes, I kept it in his bag, I m very bad, fine.

Riya says what people think about me, I care a damn. She leaves. Anuja says see It old you she did all this. Veer asks Ayaan to go. Veer tells Anuja that kids were here, so I did not say anything. He says there was no need to blame her. Anuja says she accepted it. She asks will you go and ask her again, tell her I will kick her out of this house. Riya comes in her room and throws things around. She asks Veer why did he come now, she told she put the cigarette, I m the worst girl in this world.

He asks do you use cigarette, have it. She says fine, and smokes to prove it. She coughs and he takes it back. He leaves. Veer says Riya did not keep it in Ayaan’s bag, she does not smoke, who kept it, I will find it out, when I know. I will not leave that person, don’t talk to Riya about this matter now. Anuja looks on. Its night, Pakhi comes to Veer and gives him coffee. He thanks her. He asks do you feel Riya did all that. She says no, if you think she did not, then she did not do this. He says I did not tell anything to Riya, no one should feel I m favoring her.

She says the father who favors, kids are not annoyed. We don’t know why she behaves like this, but you should have not ignored his mistakes, you should not say yes always, you should give good values and I know you understand. She says Ayaan was blamed first, I knew Ayaan did not do this, as I understand him well, like you understand Riya. He thanks her. Ayaan comes to Ayaan and says Riya will take your mum, Veer and everyone, you have to fight against her. She fills his ears against Riya and says you have to take revenge by spoiling her designs, its your fight, no one will help you. Ayaan burns Riya’s designs.

Ayaan tells Pakhi that Veer does not love her and even she is scolding him taking Riya’s side. He gets annoyed..
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